Ammonium Fluoride

Ammonium Fluoride

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We are considered to be one of the most primary manufacturers and suppliers of Ammonium Fluoride. This chemical is precisely formulated by our skilled professionals using superlative quality compounds. Our offered range of chemicals is highly appreciated for its properties like crystal structure, high melting point and pure & precise composition. Ammonium Fluoride offered by us is widely used in textile industry for printing and dying purposes.

Other names Neutral Fluoride
  • CAS number 12125-01-8
  • EC number 235-185-9
  • UN number 2505
  • RTECS number BQ6300000
      • MSDS ICSC 1223
      • EU classification Toxic (T)
      • EU Index 009-006-00-8
      • R-phrases R23/24/25
      • S-phrases (S1/2), S26, S45
      • Flash point Non-flammable

      Molecular formula NH4F
      Molar mass 37.037 g/mol
      Appearance White crystalline solid
      Density 1.01 g/cm3
      Melting point Decomposes at elevated temperatures
      Solubility in water 45.3 g/100 ml (25 °C)
      Structure Crystal structure, Wurtzite structure (hexagonal)